When you LOVE to write, it sounds like a symphony!

Listening to music before writing is a superb way to “loosen” up and inspire your brain. This delightful video perfectly illustrates the rhythmical connection between the arts and makes me (somewhat) miss typewriters. View it before your writing session and  imagine yourself consistently “tapping out” your story, creating a pleasurable and productive writing session. Trust me, your […]

Website Challenge

I think I finally made it through my first website challenge, at least in terms of a WordPress website. Even with directions, I found it challenging to create three simple pages. I spent days looking at templates, managing mostly to confuse myself, and then opted for a simple, “free,” template, for three pages. I wanted […]

Gearing Up for Publication

My latest book officially “pubs” October 19th, and I’m already awash in promotional efforts. I loved writing this book, even though it required extensive research into neuroscience and writing. Luckily, I had previously co-authored two books on neuroscience and had my former neuroscientist collaborator review everything before finalizing edits. I’m happy to say that the […]