Identify Your Higher Purpose Audibert

Just as Pope Francis delivered an inspiring speech to our Congress today, urging them to embrace their higher selves when governing, accessing your higher self while writing is a great way to get your brain on board.  Basically, your brain likes to have a clear purpose, a task that it can eagerly and intelligently perform, and, even more importantly, your brain wishes to please you, to please your higher self, if you will. When you ascribe a higher purpose to the work that you are asking your brain to do, it boosts the amount of energy your brain will expend. An effective way to tap into this richness is to journal about the reasons you are writing whatever you are writing. When you do, go beyond the more concrete reasons, such as to earn an advance, into the realm of higher consciousness, such as to bolster women who feel bound to a tradition that limits their aspirations, or to inspire children to reach within for the strength and courage they will need to traverse whatever entrapments that may come their way. You get the point: Think about your higher purpose and how the work you are performing relates to this purpose. Doing so will help your brain pay closer attention and offer up its genius.

Image courtesy of Audibert

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